360° product presentation

All around the world more and more people buy online. One of the most frequent factors causing buyer to give up on purchasing goods on the Internet is being unable to take a “live” look at a product.

360° product presentation is a great way to reach the clients and meet their expectations. The method makes it possible to examine a product closely on the screen of their computer with no need of leaving house. That is why the decision to buy in your shop will be made much quicker.

Nie można załadować prezentacji.

Be ahead of competitors

One of the most popular strategy in the e-commerce market is competing with price by reducing profit margin. Be smarter and quit this devastating war by giving your clients an innovative solution - 360° product presentations.

According to the newest market research the price is not as much important to the clients as quality and professional service. Don’t wait, be the first on the market and get ahead of your competitors.

Nie można załadować prezentacji.

Increase your income

Online shops usually are satisfied to use static products photographs provided by manufacturers. Often the photos are not of highest quality or show the products in misleading way. Not to mention that the photographs are all the same in every shop selling the same items you are.

Introducing 360° product presentations on your shop’s website will increase your online traffic as well as its conversion. Just let people on branch forums know about you new innovative functionality and let viral marketing do the rest.

Nie można załadować prezentacji.

Be innovative

There’s no need to limit 360° product presentations use only for your website. You can make use of them for slides of your presentations.

When you exhibit on trade fairs you can display them on LCD television. We can convert any presentation for you to a video so they can be posted on your Facebook fanpage or YouTube channel. If you want to prevent your competitors from copying your presentations we will add your company’s watermark to them. Nothing stands in the way of using the presentations on big street LCD screens – such commercial surely would make impression and be kept in minds.

Nie można załadować prezentacji.

Introduce 360° product presentations for lots of products for reasonable price and the investment will pay off quickly.

Your time is money and we know it, that’s why we give you terms and we stick to them.

We are here for you. If you have questions, call us or write us an e-mail – we will reply immediately.

We are here for you. If you have questions, call us or write us an e-mail – we will reply immediately.

If you’re not sure whether introduce 360° product presentations on your website, we will prepare three of them for you absolutely free of charge.

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