Presentations are made using professional photographic and rotating equipment combined with dedicated software. You decide what number of frames will your 360° presentations have. For smooth movement and reasonable file size – 36 frames are best.

In addition, you get the possibility to add Any watermark to the presentation.

The presentation goes as a flash file* (no zoom option), standard browser** (automatic data retrieve from the server, zooming, software producer logo) or professional browser*** (automatic data retrieve from the server, zooming, software license purchase needed).

* Flash
Nie można załadować prezentacji.
** Standard
Nie można załadować prezentacji.
*** Professional

For your special wish we prepare looped video to be used i.e. on YouTube.

Download example video here.

If you post products on auction websites we can provide you with GIF format presentations to be put in your auction code:

Prezentacja 360 stopni w formie pliku GIF

Ready presentations are accessible from our FTP server and sent to you on DVD.

360° product presentations’ browsers comparison:

empty Flash Standard photo presentation Professional photo presentation
Zoom nie tak
(limited range)
Full screen nie tak tak
Presentation control tak tak tak
Watermark tak tak tak
Software producer button tak tak tak
License needed nie tak tak
Display on the page auto start on page load auto start on page load, retrieving from the server on frame zoom auto start on page load, retrieving from the server on frame zoom
Price 10 EUR 10 EUR 10 EUR

Following elements of every 360° presentation can be adjusted:

  • - activating auto rotate
  • - changing auto rotate direction
  • - rotation speed
  • - product window size
  • - presentation language (Polish, English, German)

After earlier arrangement, products can be delivered to our studio personally or by shipping company to the following address:

ul. Dąbrowszczaków 20 lok. 7
80-365 Gdańsk

When the presentations are made you get the chance to see them online. After you accept the order, the products are immediately send back to you at your cost. The products can be either collected personally or by your courier.

Net cost of basic presentation of any product consisting of 36 frames is 10 EUR. The price covers:

  • - possibility to add watermark
  • - any of three presentation types: flash, standard or professional
  • - guaranteed high quality of the photographs

Every presentation can be adjusted by rotation speed, window size, rotation direction, auto rotate, language (Polish, English). In addition, Professional presentation lets you choose maximum frame resolution.

Extra services:

Export to AVI format - 5 EUR

Download example video here.

Export to GIF format to use i.e. in web auctions - 3 EUR


Nie można załadować prezentacji.
Prezentacja - 72 klatki

Doubling number of frames - 8 EUR

Movable elements animation - 8 EUR

Spersonalizowane buttony

Custom presentation control buttons – individual arrangement

Professional browser cost license for one domain - 200 EUR

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